Poll: Webb-Allen Rematch In 2012 Would Be Close

It looks like Sen. George Allen (R-VA) could still be a viable political name in Virginia, according to newly-released (albeit months old) polling data from Public Policy Polling (D). In a potential 2012 rematch with Democratic Sen. Jim Webb, it’s a dead heat.

PPP posts this on their blog:

Last week George Allen opened the door to a possible rematch against Jim Webb in 2012. Two polls we’ve conducted in the last year indicate such a contest would be about as much of a toss up as you can have.

When we looked at it in July of 2008, Webb led Allen 45-43. This August, in numbers we’re now releasing publicly for the first time, Allen led Webb 44-43.

PPP’s most recent polling has found that both politicians have solid personal ratings, with no overwhelming advantages either way: 50%-37% approval for Webb, and a 43%-38% favorable rating for Allen.

Webb won the 2006 election by less than half a percentage point, toppling a once-invulnerable incumbent in a Democratic wave. The campaign is best remembered for Allen having called Webb’s campaign tracker “macaca,” which was widely interpreted as being an obscure racial epithet, a gaffe that started Allen down the road to defeat.

PPP concludes: “A 2012 rematch would most likely be the most closely watched race in the country other than Barack Obama’s quest for reelection, and it seems a pretty good bet the ultimate winner would be whoever’s party won the Presidential race in the state. It would certainly be fun to watch.”