Poll: Washington Voters Wouldn’t Roll Out Welcome Mat For Kucinich

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-WA)? A new PPP poll out Tuesday suggests voters in Washington state are largely unreceptive to the thought of the Ohio congressman moving west and running for office in their state.

In the poll, 39% of registered voters said Kucinich should not run for Congress from a new district that will be drawn next year as a result of last year’s census reapportionment, while 12% said he should run. A bright spot fo Kucinich though, should he move to Washington and decide to run, is that a 48% plurality of voters are still undecided.

Also, while a 53% majority of voters there don’t know Kucinich well enough to form an opinion of him, a greater percentage of voters don’t like him (28%) than the percentage who do like him (19%.)Kucinich has floated the idea of moving out of Ohio to again run to Congress if his district gets the axe next year when new lines are drawn. Washington, which will gain a seat in 2012, has been suggested as a possible landing place, an idea Kucinich’s staff seemed to welcome when asked about the congressman’s future plans.

“After people found out that Congressman Kucinich’s district could be eliminated or substantially altered in congressional redistricting by the Ohio Legislature’s Republican majority, Congressman Kucinich received requests from people in twenty states, including Washington State, encouraging him to move and run in their area,” a spokesman, Nathan White said in a statement.

The PPP poll was conducted May 12-15 among 1,098 registered voters. It has a margin of error of 3.0%.