Poll: Obama Way Ahead Of GOP On Stimulus

A new Gallup poll shows that President Obama is continuing to enjoy high approval in handling the economic stimulus debate — and his brand is solidly beating the Congressional Republicans, too.

The numbers: Obama has a 67% approval and only 25% disapproval on how he’s handled the stimulus bill, compared to Congressional Republicans’ 31% approval and very high 58% disapproval. Congressional Democrats aren’t as popular as Obama himself — explaining the GOP’s efforts to tie the bill to Nancy Pelosi, instead of Obama — but they’re still in the black at 48%-42%.

In addition, a 51% majority of independents say it is critically important to pass a stimulus bill, 27% say it is moderately important, and only 17% say it’s not important. The numbers among the Republican base, as we might expect, are wildly different: Only 29% say it is critically important, 37% say it’s important but not critically so, and 31% say it’s not important.