Poll: New Yorkers Would Rather Have Spitzer As Governor Over Paterson

The latest Marist Poll is a mixed bag for Gov. David Paterson (D-NY). It’s partly bad news — and partly really bad news.

This number must really hurt: When New York’s registered voters are asked whether they would rather have Eliot Spitzer or David Paterson as governor, it’s Spitzer 51%, Paterson 38%.

The horse-race numbers are also a sight to behold. In a primary with state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, the current leader is Cuomo by a 70%-21% margin. Paterson trails in a general election match-up with Rudy Giuliani by a 56%-32% margin, and trails former GOP Rep. Rick Lazio by 40%-37%. By contrast, Cuomo leads Rudy by 55%-38%, and swamps Lazio by 67%-22%.