Poll: Minnesota Would Not Vote For Pawlenty For President

Carrie Devorah / WENN/Newscom

A new Rasmussen poll of Minnesota, where Republican Gov. Tim Pawlenty is widely seen as a potential presidential candidate, finds that a plurality of likely voters in the state would not vote for him.

Respondents were asked: “Suppose Governor Tim Pawlenty runs for President in 2012 and wins the Republican nomination. If Pawlenty was the Republican Presidential candidate, would you vote for him?”

The numbers: Yes 42%, No 46%, with a ±3% margin of error. The poll also has Pawlenty’s approval rating as governor at 52%, with 47% disapproval.

Minnesota has not voted Republican for president since the 1972 Nixon landslide. In 2008, it voted for Barack Obama by a 54%-44% margin.