Poll: Majority Of Americans Wants Dems To Suspend Work On Health Care

Rapport Syndication/Newscom

A new USA Today/Gallup poll out today shows 55% of respondents want President Obama and Congressional Democrats to “suspend work on the current health care bill … and consider alternative bills that can receive Republican support.” And 39% want to see Democrats “continue to try” to pass health care.

Broken down by party, 67% of Democrats want to see lawmakers continue working on health care — but 87% of Republicans want to see them stop. Among independents, 56% want them to suspend their work on health care.

And only 32% of overall respondents thought health care should be the top priority.When it comes to Obama’s one-year report card, Americans are apparently divided on how he’s done. Of all respondents, 39% were “pleased” with his progress, 37% think he’s taking the country “in the wrong direction,” and 20% wish he would have done more. Independents fall along the same lines, at 35-35-25.

Among Democrats, 70% are pleased and 18% wish he would do more. Among Republicans, 75% think he’s taking the U.S. in the wrong direction and 15% wished he would have done more.