Poll: Forget The Senate — Florida Republicans Want Crist Out Of Office Completely

ZUMA Press/Newscom

A new survey of Florida Republicans by Public Policy Polling (D) has some awful news for Gov. Charlie Crist, the GOP moderate who is in a tough primary for Senate against the more conservative former state House Speaker Marco Rubio.

The poll will be released tomorrow, but so far PPP has put out a sneak preview. GOP primary voters were asked which of the following they would like to see doing a year from now: Governor, Senate, or out of office entirely. The answer: Governor 19%, Senate 14%, and out of office 56%. PPP’s Tom Jensen writes: “If there is any path to his winning office in Florida again- and there may not be- it’s as something other than a Republican.”

Crist has been hammed in the Republican primary for the public support he gave to President Obama on the stimulus bill a year ago. He downplayed his support several months ago, but has recently moved back towards acknowledging his support for it, and has even criticized other Republicans who publicly opposed the stimulus but nevertheless took the money for their states. And it doesn’t appear to be playing well with the GOP base. We’ll have the full poll tomorrow.