Poll: Dem Sen. Feingold Barely Ahead Of GOP Rivals

Roll Call Photos/Newscom

The new survey of Wisconsin by Public Policy Polling (D) shows Democratic Sen. Russ Feingold in a tight race for re-election, just narrowly leading his Republican opponents.

Feingold edges businessman Ron Johnson, the state GOP’s endorsed candidate, by just 45%-43%. Against another GOP candidates, businessman Dave Westlake, Feingold leads 45%-38%. The survey of registered voters has a ±3.9% margin of error. The TPM Poll Average has Feingold ahead of Johnson by 45.7%-44.0%, and ahead of Westlake by 45.7%-39.7%.

PPP’s Tom Jensen writes: “The potential competitiveness of this race may have more to do with Barack Obama’s declining popularity in the state than anything Feingold himself has done. Obama won Wisconsin easily in 2008 but now has just a 45% approval rating with 50% of voters unhappy with his performance. 51% of voters are opposed to the health care bill to just 38% in support. In the places where Obama’s fortunes are falling he’s bringing the electoral prospects of Democratic candidates down with him.”