Poll: Deeds Catching Up With McDonnell, Thesis Growing In Importance

The new Rasmussen poll in Virginia finds that Democratic candidate Creigh Deeds is closing the gap against Republican Bob McDonnell — and that McDonnell’s hard-right grad school thesis could be sinking in further with the public.

The numbers: McDonnell 48%, Deeds 46%, within the ±4.5% margin of error.

Two weeks ago, when the thesis story had just broken, McDonnell was ahead 51%-42%. At the time, the pollster’s analysis said it was possible that the thesis could become a bigger factor.

And here’s the analysis of the new survey: “Fifty-two percent (52%) of voters now say the writings are at least somewhat important in terms of how they will vote. That’s up from 36% in the previous survey. The number of unaffiliated voters who consider the writings important is up to 47%.”