Poll: Crist Maintains Lead Over Rubio In FL-SEN

A new survey of the Florida Senate race shows Gov. Charlie Crist (I) ahead of Marco Rubio (R) by some of the largest margins reported by any poll so far. With Democrat Jeff Greene in the race, Saturday’s Florida Poll finds, Crist leads Rubio 37%-29%, while Greene takes third with 16%. When the Democrat is Kendrick Meek, Crist tops Rubio 41%-30%, while Meek trails with 12%.

With the exception of Rasmussen, which has shown a close contest between Crist and Rubio, recent polling has consistently found Crist leading Rubio. Before the latest Florida Poll, though, only one other poll — a June 13 Cherry Communications survey — had shown Crist leading by double digits.

With Greene in the race, the TPM Poll Average has Crist at 37.1%, Rubio at 30.7%, and Greene at 17.0%. When the Democrat is Meek, the TPM Poll Average of the race shows Crist with 37.6%, Rubio with 32.5%, and Meek with 14.5%. The margin of error of the latest Florida Poll, which was conducted along with the University of South Florida Polytechnic in Lakeland, is ±4.0 percentage points.

The primary is August 24.