Poll: Corzine Narrowing Race In New Jersey, As Independent Candidate Surges

The new Quinnipiac poll in New Jersey finds that Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine has narrowed the gap against Republican former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie — and that independent candidate Chris Daggett could be playing a key spoiler role in this.

The numbers: Christie 43%, Corzine 39%, Daggett 12%, with a ±2.8% margin of error. A month ago, Christie led by 47%-37%-9%. The poll also finds that Christie favorable-unfavorable rating is now split at 38%-38%, compared to 41%-33% a month ago.

From the pollster’s analysis: “This race looks as if it will go down to the wire. Does Christopher Daggett’s impressive climb measure a swing to him or simply a distaste for the two guys hollering at each other? Will Daggett fade on Election Day? At this stage, his numbers matter.”