Poll: Christie Still Ahead Of Corzine, Despite Recent Scandals

The new Quinnipiac poll of the New Jersey gubernatorial race finds that recent scandals haven’t hurt Republican former U.S. Attorney Chris Christie against Democratic Gov. Jon Corzine — indeed, Christie’s lead has actually increased slightly over the unpopular incumbent.

The numbers: Christie 47%, Corzine 37%, and independent Chris Daggett at 9%. Three weeks ago, the figure for the three-way race was 46%-40%-7%.

The pollster’s analysis finds that Corzine’s ads about Christie having given contracts to people tied to the Bush administration are not getting through — people view it as an unfair attack. The issue of Christie’s undisclosed loan to Michele Brown, his former subordinate in the U.S. Attorney’s office scores a little higher — but even here, a 49%-43% plurality view it as not being a legitimate issue.