Poll: 27% Of Americans Doubt Obama’s Citizenship — Including 41% of Republicans

A new CNN poll finds that more than a quarter of Americans are birthers — or at least “birther curious.”

The poll, released today, reports that 11% of Americans think President Obama was “definitely” not born in the United States, while an additional 16% think he “probably” isn’t a native-born citizen. Twenty-nine percent of Americans think Obama “probably” was born in the U.S., and only 42% are certain he was.

The poll’s results show a clear partisan disparity. A full 41% of Republicans think that Obama was “definitely” or “probably” born outside the U.S., views shared by 29% of Independents and 15% of Democrats. Fifty-seven percent of Republicans, 68% of Independents, and 85% of Democrats believe that the president “probably” or “definitely” is a native-born citizen.

CNN’s poll has a margin of error of ±3.0 percentage points.