Pay Attention To Me! Donald Trump Tries To Keep Presidential Buzz Alive

On May 16, Donald Trump said he wouldn’t run for president. One week later — and after several days when his name wasn’t in the headlines — Trump says he’s having second thoughts.

“I’m not going to rule anything out, that I can tell you,” Trump said when asked Monday morning on Fox and Friends if he might be late entrant to the presidential race after all.

He took some potshots at the current crop of Republicans who are running for president, saying, “at this point in time, they’re not going to be beating Obama.”

Polls showed Trump was in free fall by the time he finally decided to put an end to his conspiracy-fueled romp through Republican politics.

Trump declined to confirm a Newsmax report (based on a New York Post story) that he was offered $60 million by NBC to continue as host of The Apprentice, though he said network management personally appealed to him to stay out of the presidential race so his show could continue.

Trump was asked if he would walk away from the money if the GOP field didn’t become more competitive.

“Who knows,” Trump said, “stranger things have happened.”


Trump was asked if he might come in to save the GOP’s chances, despite his blanket statement walking away from a bid last week.

“I said I wouldn’t do it,” Trump said, adding “I can’t rule out anything.”

“The country is so important,” Trump said, “it’s so vital we choose the right person and at this moment I don’t see that person.”