Palin To Headline Reagan 100th Birthday Event

Former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) will be headlining a big event to mark the late President Ronald Reagan’s 100th birthday: Delivering the keynote speech at the Reagan Ranch Center’s commemoration, sponsored by the conservative Young America’s Foundation. Oh, and former Vice President Dick Cheney will be there, too!

CNN reports:

Her speech on February 4th will “draw parallels to today while calling for young people to continue the Reagan revolution into 2012 and beyond,” according to the release.

Former Vice President Dick Cheney will speak at the end of the celebrations on Saturday February 5th.

Reagan’s centenary is turning into a big occasion for possible 2012 Republican candidates — many others will be attending a mega-fundraiser for the state Republican Party in Reagan’s original home of Illinois.

This should be a good gig for Palin. For one thing, the phrase “Morning in America” can fit on the average human hand.