Palin’s Quick Turnaround: I’ll Hold Media Accountable ‘MORE THAN EVER’

Look out, liberal media: You’ve not seen the last of Sarah Palin – even if she might have said so!

In a Wednesday night appearance on Greta Van Susteren’s TV show, Palin said: “You know, I am through whining about a liberal press that holds, especially conservative women, to a different standard. Because it doesn’t do me any good to whine about it. I made my point.”

This might lead a person to think that Palin would no longer spend her time tweaking the “lame-stream media,” as she often calls it. But Palin posted this note on Twitter, early this afternoon:

I’ll hold LSM accountable MORE THAN EVER;my comment acknowledged personal coverage(not unfairness to others).Happy to defend others re: bias