Obama’s Teach In

The scene was incredible really, a press conference with members of Congress and think tankers instead of reporters asking questions. I’ve really never seen anything like it and whether it and events like it can really change the tone in Washington, of course, remains to be seen. One indication it won’t? This statement from Charles Grassley, the ranking Republican on the Senate Finance Committee, which oversees Medicare–the subject of much discussion at the Fiscal Responsibility Summit.

“Fixing America’s long-term fiscal problems is a major issue, so I very much appreciate attention being paid to finding solutions. I hope today’s summit marks the beginning of the kind of dialog, education and cooperation it will take to achieve a sustainable budget policy.

“I’ll be working in the Senate as the Ranking Member of the Finance Committee and a senior member of the Budget Committee for fiscal responsibility and an honest accounting of how Congress and the administration tax and spend. The current administration inherited a $1 trillion deficit, and in just the first few weeks it added another $1 trillion to the debt with its economic stimulus bill. The bill included new and expanded entitlement programs, and if they’re made permanent, they’ll add at least another $2 trillion to the deficit.

“Looking ahead, we’re hearing from some people that we can’t reform government entitlement programs until we reform the entire health care system. The problems with our health care system need fixing, but for a lot of people, health care reform is code for spending more, not less. American taxpayers are being asked to swallow a lot right now, and it brings to mind the old joke about Wimpy’s hamburgers. Wimpy said, ‘I’ll gladly pay you Tuesday for a hamburger today.’ There’s too much of that kind of attitude in Congress and the White House today.”