Obama Grassroots Step Up For Deeds

The Obama campaign organization is flexing its considerable muscle in the Virgina gubernatorial race. This morning, Organizing For America — the post-election name for Obama’s 2008 campaign organization — sent an email to its Virginia list calling on Obama grassroots activists to sign on with Creigh Deeds.

The email is good news for Deeds, whose trailing in polls and needs a boost among the core Democratic demographics OFA leveraged last year when it turned Virginia blue for the first time since 1964.From the email:

Creigh Deeds’ campaign is launching an ambitious plan to reach out to Virginia voters and spread the word. They’ve done the math, and to reach a critical mass of voters they need 5,000 volunteer hours between now and October 24th. So this weekend, Organizing for America is doing all we can to help them reach that goal — including organizing supporters from D.C. to go door to door to talk with Virginia voters.

In 2008, Obama’s grassroots effort boosted Democratic voter rolls and pulled out Democrats that hadn’t voted in years. Deeds is going to need some of that help, especially among African Americans, if he hopes to defeat Bob McDonnell in November.