Norton Hits Obama For Not Going To War Against Islam (VIDEO)

Colorado Senate hopeful Jane Norton (R) has given her campaign website a facelift. And as part of that facelift she’s hitting Barack Obama for…not going to war against Islam.

The site, screencapped below features a still frame from a new ad, attacking Obama and Washington liberals for abandoning the War on Terrorism.

The ad includes a May 26, 2010 Reuters headline saying “Obama doctrine to make clear no war on Islam.” This is supposed to be a bad thing.


Just before the screen goes black, with an airplane engine roaring in the background, Norton notes “President Obama has renamed the War on Terror ‘the Overseas Contingency Operation.'” OCO is a Pentagon term of art used largely for budgetary purposes. Obama’s national security strategy actually refers to a war against Al Qaeda.

(H/T: Colorado Pols)