Norm Coleman Keeps Door Open To Run For Governor Of Minnesota

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Former Sen. Norm Coleman (R-MN), who lost to Democrat Al Franken in the heavily-disputed 2008 Minnesota Senate race, is still keeping the door open on a possible run for Governor of Minnesota in 2010.

Coleman told Minnesota Public Radio: “I’m doing what I want to do right now but sometime early next year I will reflect on [a gubernatorial run] and if it makes sense for Minnesota, if it makes sense for me and my family then I can move in that direction. But I have deliberately not put a lot of thought into it.”

If Coleman is going to run, though, time could be running out. The state Republican Party convention this past weekend held a straw poll, a key sign of activist support in a state where the party conventions have a serious role in picking nominees. The straw poll was won by state Rep. Marty Seifert — and Coleman’s name was not on the ballot, though he did receive a few write-in votes.