No Longer Charlie Wilson’s War, Former Congressman Says He Feels Obama’s Pain on Afghanistan Decision

Brian Lindensmith/Newscom

It’s not quite the “bombshell” that Buzzflash calls it, but former Rep. Charlie Wilson opined on Afghanistan in an interview with the Scranton Times.

Wilson (D-TX), whose role in the covert operation in Afghanistan later inspired the film “Charlie Wilson’s War,” said he thinks President Obama is in a “very tough situation” when making his decision on whether to send more troops.

“It’s probably best to make a calculated withdrawal. …If I were the president, I’m not sure what I’d do. I’d probably shut it down, rather than lose a lot of soldiers and treasure,” Wilson, now 76, told the newspaper in advance of an event Thursday at the Scranton Cultural Center.

He said the U.S. is being viewed as an occupier and he worries the war could be “another Vietnam.”