Newt Gingrich Defends Paul Ryan From People Saying Same Things Newt Said

Less than two weeks after he condemned Paul Ryan’s Medicare plan as “right wing social engineering” Newt Gingrich is rallying support for the budget chair’s proposal in Congress.

In a letter to lawmakers after Democrats won an upset victory in NY-26, Gingrich urged Republicans on Wednesday to stand strong behind the entitlement cuts he labeled “radical change from the right” two Sundays ago on NBC’s Meet The Press.

“Democrats and their allies in the elite media are determined to divide us and lie about [our] efforts to save both Medicare and America from fiscal collapse,” Gingrich wrote according to Politico. He added that only an honest and consistent response would quiet their campaign, writing that “The Democrats’ Mediscare big lie campaign will inevitably collapse if we cheerfully insist on telling the truth.”

Gingrich praised Ryan for his efforts in the letter, even though he has continued to publicly air concerns about his Medicare proposal.

“Paul Ryan and the House Republicans are trying to save Medicare in a period of enormous economic and fiscal difficulties,” he wrote. “THE ROAD AHEAD: CHEERFULLY KEEP TELLING THE TRUTH.”