New Yorkers Don’t Want Obama Telling Paterson Not To Run — And Don’t Want Paterson To Run

A new Marist poll of New York finds that New Yorkers overwhelmingly object to President Obama reportedly telling Gov. David Paterson not to run — even as they themselves don’t want Paterson to run!

Only 27% of registered voters believe the White House’s alleged request was right, with 62% saying it was wrong. Among Democrats, only 36% say it was right, with 51% saying it was wrong. A follow-up question asked about the idea of Paterson hurting the whole Democratic ticket, and whether they still think it was right or wrong for the White House to intervene — and here the top-line is 30%-60%, with a 42%-48% breakdown among Democrats.

Respondents were also asked whether they want Paterson to run: Yes 25%, No 63%, with a 26%-65% figure among Democrats.

Appropriately, the Marist press release has this title: “NY Voters to Obama, ‘Mind Your Business.'”