New Logs Show Obama’s Private Oval Office Meeting With Colin Powell On Afghanistan

New visitors logs released by the White House today seem to confirm that Colin Powell has been among those President Obama has consulted with while drafting a new strategy for Afghanistan.

The logs don’t include any details of the meeting, other than the fact that it was between the two men alone. That makes it one of less than a dozen total one-on-one meetings with Obama included in today’s list.On Sept. 26, the New York Times reported that Powell was one of the many people Obama had consulted as he drafted a new policy for Afghanistan:

Among the most important outside voices has been that of former Secretary of State Colin L. Powell, a retired four-star Army general, who visited Mr. Obama in the Oval Office this month and expressed skepticism that more troops would guarantee success. According to people briefed on the discussion, Mr. Powell reminded the president of his longstanding view that military missions should be clearly defined. Mr. Powell is one of the three people outside the administration, along with Senator John F. Kerry and Senator Jack Reed, considered by White House aides to be most influential in this current debate.

Recent media reports suggest Obama declined to heed Powell’s advice in drafting a new strategy. Obama is expected to announce a troop increase when he unveils his new plan in a televised address Dec. 1.