New Coakley Ad: Brown A ‘Lockstep’ Republican, Favors Denying Emergency Contraception To Rape Victims (VIDEO)

Democratic candidate Martha Coakley has a very tough new ad in the Massachusetts Senate special election, hammering Republican Scott Brown as a right-winger not cut out for this Democratic state.

“Who is Scott Brown, really?” the announcer says. “A Republican. In lockstep with Washington Republicans. Blocking tougher oversight of Wall Street. More tax breaks for the wealthiest. No new prescription coverage for millions of seniors.”

“Brown even favors letting hospitals deny emergency contraception to rape victims,” the announcer says, juxtaposing the smiling Brown photo with video of a cowering young woman, presumably meant to signify a rape victim. “He lacks understanding and seriousness. In times like these, we can’t afford a Republican like Scott Brown.”

Late Update: The ad was taken down from Coakley’s YouTube page, with a new, nearly identical one put in its place (which we’ve re-embedded in our post). Only one difference stands out — namely that the fine print in the original video said it was paid for by the “Massachusettes” Democratic Party, while the new one has corrected the misspelling.