Murkowski Ad: ‘A Vote For Scott McAdams Is Definitely A Vote For Joe Miller’ (VIDEO)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), who is running as a write-in candidate after she lost her Republican primary to Tea Party-backed Joe Miller, has a new attack ad taking on her other opponent, Democratic Sitka Mayor Scott McAdams.

The ad shows various Sitka residents, including a former mayor, criticizing McAdams and declaring that the town is “Lisa Murkowski territory.”

But one line is also a clear pitch to Democratic-leaning voters, casting support for McAdams as a wasted vote: “A vote for Scott McAdams is definitely a vote for Joe Miller.” Another voter casts Miller as being way out on the right, McAdams way out on the left, and Murkowski representing everyone from the middle.

The TPM Poll Average gives Murkowski 36.7%, Miller 36.0%, and McAdams 25.5%.