MoveOn To Run Public Option Ad On ‘Human Cost’ Of Triggers

Starting next week, the liberal group MoveOn will run a 30-second television ad in Maine and Arkansas highlighting what they describe as the “human cost” of delaying the public option.

“Our health care system is clearly in crisis,” reads a statement from Ilyse Hogue, MoveOn’s Director of Political Advocacy. “People are dying without care, yet some in Congress apparently think the status quo is acceptable–or would have us wait for things to get even worse before we can expect real reform.”

The so-called ‘trigger’ is simply a ploy by those who oppose a public option to delay or kill this vital reform. This ad should serve as a clear signal to Senator Snowe, Senator Lincoln or anyone else consider the ‘trigger’ that half-measures are unacceptable. Americans need health care reform with a public option now.”

The ad will run for one week, beginning Monday.