Monmouth Poll: Coons Leads O’Donnell By 19 Points In DE-SEN

Yet another poll of the Delaware Senate race, this one from Monmouth University, shows Democratic nominee Chris Coons with a landslide lead over Republican nominee Christine O’Donnell.

The numbers: Coons 57%, O’Donnell 38%. The survey of likely voters has a ±3.5% margin of error. There is no prior Monmouth poll of this race for direct comparison.

The poll shows O’Donnell with a favorable rating of only 31%, with 58% unfavorable. By contrast, Coons is in much healthier territory at 50%-33%. The poll also found only 35% saying that O’Donnell is qualified to be a Senator, with 57% saying she is not qualified, compared to Coons at 64%-25%.[TPM SLIDESHOW: Christine O’Donnell: Anti-Masturbation Crusader. Witchcraft Dabbler. Republican Senate Nominee.]

And just for fun, the poll found that Rep. Mike Castle, the establishment-backed moderate who O’Donnell defeated in the Republican primary, has a 56%-29% favorable rating. Other polls have consistently shown that Castle would have led Coons in a general election, while O’Donnell is seriously trailing. (This poll did not test a hypothetical Castle vs. Coons match-up.)

The TPM Poll Average gives Coons a lead of 57.2%-37.8%.