McCain: Why Can’t Obama Be Bipartisan Like Me?

Just one month after saying that Republicans will not cooperate with Democrats for the rest of the year, Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) lamented in an interview that the Obama Administration has not been bipartisan enough.In a Newsmax interview released today, McCain said that the primary problem with the financial reform debate is that “we run into philosophical differences about the role of government.”

He said that the Obama Administration “came to power with 60 votes — they no longer have — with an overwhelming majority in the House of Representatives, and they decided that they would ram through legislation.”

McCain continued:

So there’s never been any genuine outreach on the part of this administration to work in a bipartisan fashion. As you mentioned, I’ve been involved in bipartisan issues. It is not there. And it is compounded by the fundamental fact that America is a right-of-center nation, and this administration is governing from the left.

This is the very same John McCain who, about a month ago, said that “there will be no cooperation for the rest of the year,” by Republicans.

How bipartisan!