Lisa Murkowski Ad Uses Children To Try And Spell V-I-C-T-O-R-Y On Election Day (VIDEO)

Sen. Lisa Murkowski has just one way to w-i-n on Election Day – Alaska voters will need to spell her name correctly as a write-in candidate. She’s up against enormous odds since the state has never elected a write-in candidate, but Murkowski has been giving spelling lessons to help boost her chances.

Murkowski, who was defeated by tea party favorite Joe Miller in a Republican primary this summer, today released a new ad starring young children in a spelling bee. A little girl (of course) spells Murkowski properly, with another contestant complaining that she always gets the “easy” words.Murkowski is in the audience of the spelling bee, waving.

It’s not the first time the senator has gone with the spelling theme since she decided to mount the historic write-in bid.

There is no TPM Poll Average of this contest given that it’s a very tricky three-way race between Miller, Murkowski and Democratic nominee Scott McAdams. Our coverage of the race is here.

Watch Murkowski’s ad: