Leveraging Lieberman, Lamont Fundraises

One time Joe Lieberman rival Ned Lamont, running for governor in Connecticut, takes advantage of the senator’s recent rise in the health care headlines to solicit money for his race.

Lamont (D-CT) starts by saying the health care crisis in the Nutmeg state is real, adding: “Yet, as we’ve all seen, Senator Lieberman is now threatening to weaken or derail health care reform in the Senate. If he succeeds in his efforts, we will see health care costs continue to surge faster than inflation and wages, making coverage even more unaffordable and bankrupting our small businesses and working families alike.”

He attempts to connect Lieberman to the governor’s race, saying: “The next governor’s job will be a lot easier if Congress can manage to overcome Senator Lieberman’s obstruction and pass a health care reform bill that begins to reform the system and contain costs.”

“Please stand with me on health care — contribute to our exploratory committee today,” he wrote.

MoveOn also staged a rally targeting Lieberman outside the White House gates.