LA-Dems Raise Funds To Air Vitter Prostitute Ad

Congressional Quarterly/Newscom

In a bid to raise awareness of David Vitter’s ethical scandals, Louisiana Democrats are raising money to run a TV ad recreating an encounter Vitter had with a prostitute.

“We need to get Forgotten Crimes on television in Louisiana,” reads a fundraising letter the LA-Dems sent to supporters this morning. “A recent independent poll found that an astonishing number of likely voters in Louisiana are unaware that David Vitter admitted breaking the law but was never held accountable.”Last week, state Democrats unveiled a five-minute web video chronicling Vitter’s rap sheet, complete with a re-enactment of the “crime scene.” “Forgotten Crimes” quickly went viral on YouTube, but will need a thorough airing on Louisiana television if it’s going to make a dent in polling data, which has consistently shown low awareness of the scandals among voters there.

You can view the video below.

Vitter has held a consistent lead over held Democrat rival Charlie Melancon in polls.