Kendrick Meek’s New TV Ad: Look At All The Democrats Who Endorsed Me (VIDEO)

Rep. Kendrick Meek is up with yet another ad touting his Democratic credentials and slamming his opponent in the Senate primary in Florida, billionaire investor Jeff Greene, for making his fortune from betting that the housing market would collapse.

While Meek’s first spots were aimed primarily at hitting Greene, this new ad spends about half the time (that’s 15 seconds for those playing at home) talking Meek up as the only legitimate candidate in the race.

“Every major newspaper has endorsed Kendrick Meek for U.S. Senate,” the ad begins. “Presidents Obama and Clinton, [Florida] teachers and police all support Kendrick Meek.”

With the clock ticking down toward the August 24 primary — and Greene still running very close to if not ahead of Meek in polls — Meek can’t afford to let any endorsement go unheralded. He also can’t afford to let an opportunity to rip Greene pass him by. That’s why the back half of the ad is as negative as it is.

“And Jeff Greene?” the ad’s narrator asks. “A flat-out liar.”Watch:

Greene is still taking his own shots at Meek. In a recent press release, the yacht-owning Greene attacks Meek for his taxpayer-funded car, a privilege afforded all members of Congress.

Greene’s been hitting Meek as a Washington insider for months, and now it seems he thinks Meek’s government-funded car lease is another brick in the wall.

“TAX PAYERS PAY $977 A MONTH FOR KENDRICK MEEK’S CAR,” Greene’s release blares. “Tax Payers Also Pay for Insurance, Gas, Oil & Maintenance, Registration and Excess Mileage Costs.”

Expect things to get even nastier (yes, that is possible, somehow) before this race is over and done with.