Karl Rove: Will Beer Industry Be Next To Face Obama’s Anti-Profit Agenda?

Forget the death panel stuff — Karl Rove may have hit on a scare tactic that could really get people angry about a government takeover of health care.

In one paragraph in his latest Wall Street Journal column, Rove wonders which industries might be next to face President Obama’s criticism of health insurance profits. Here’s the key quote, with emphasis added:

Mr. Obama’s dig at profits reveals a certain disdain for markets. Health insurers have a 3.3% profit margin, less than the 4.6% average for all businesses in the country. Drug companies do enjoy, on average, a 17% profit margin. But that’s still less than software companies, which earn on average a 22% profit margin. Brewers make 18%. Are these industries the next targets for a revenue hungry Obama administration?

Sure, Obama can pull the plug on grandma — but if our freedom is threatened on beer, he can count on losing a whole lot of swing states!