Jon Stewart Rips Republicans At Benghazi Hearings

Jon Stewart on Thurdsay lit into Republican members of the House and Senate committees over their repetitive questions of Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on the deadly Benghazi attack.

“Look, I’m not saying Hillary Clinton or the State Department are blameless here,” Stewart said. “We need a thorough inquiry and a critical analysis of the serious misjudgments, bureaucratic inaccuracies and pure incompetence that led to the Benghazi tragedy. But this here committee weren’t it.”One Republican member after another grilled Clinton on a classified cable from the late Ambassador Chris Stevens that warned the U.S. consulate in Benghazi could not withstand an organized attack. She did not see the cable, and pointed out that nearly 1.5 million cables a year come into the State Department, all addressed to her.

“Let me ask you a question, were they Time Warner cables?” Stewart said. “Because that would explain why they never showed up.” Question asked, and answered. “Which clearly meant that question needed to be asked a few more dozen times,” Stewart said.

Yes, someone at the State Department should have seen the cable, Stewart said, “and that concludes the House and Senate joint no-shit-Sherlock committee hearings.”


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