Jon Stewart: ‘Pepper Spray Has Become America’s New Car Horn’

The Daily Show on Monday returned from a short break to take on a hot new story: pepper spray sweeping the nation.The big spray, of course, occurred at the University of California, Davis, less than two weeks ago, when a group of sitting protesters were pepper sprayed by campus police.

“You know, there are better ways to get college kids to move,” Jon Stewart said. “‘Hey, everybody, Green Day’s in the quad! Free tacos! ‘”

Those things the cops were “casually rust proofing are human peoples with eyes and lungs,” Stewart added. “That is not a termite nest.”

But it wasn’t just the “Occupy” protesters of California that suffered the spray. Black Friday shoppers in southern California and North Carolina were pepper sprayed by fellow shoppers and security.

“We’ve suddenly become a people who use pepper spray to alleviate minor inconveniences,” Stewart said. “Pepper spray has become America’s new car horn.”