Jon Stewart Lampoons The RNC Chair Debate (VIDEO)

Jon Stewart last night lampooned Monday’s Republican National Committee chair debate, highlighting some of the candidates’ better gaffes.

Stewart began by critiquing Ann Wagner’s wardrobe. “Wagner, what are you doing?” Stewart asked. “The lady Dole train left the station in 2008. These are Palin days!” He then performed an impromptu makeover, adding some bangs, a flag lapel pin and a leather jacket, among other things.

“You just got grizzlied!” he added.[TPM SLIDESHOW: Sanest Of The Sane? Top 25 Signs From The Stewart/Colbert Rally]

Moving on, Stewart focused on the candidates’ favorite books. Several candidates named classics like To Kill a Mockingbird and … The Reagan Diaries. But Wagner had something else in mind, naming her favorite bar, instead: her kitchen table.

“I’m not sure kitchen table would be a good answer for either question,” Stewart said. “‘Favorite bar? Well, yes, I like to sit alone in the same place I eat breakfast and get shitfaced.'”

Of course, Michael Steele didn’t escape unscathed from Stewart’s satire. Steele named War and Peace as his favorite book — but went on to quote A Tale of Two Cities, “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.”

“Well, thanks for playing,” Stewart said.


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