Jon Stewart: Chris Christie ‘Kicked Crazy Ass’ During Sandy

After a brief hiatus due to Sandy, Jon Stewart was back Wednesday night, praising the government’s response to the superstorm that swept through the East Coast this week.New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg “kicked ass at his job, and did it in two languages,” Stewart said.

Across the region, from Long Island to New Jersey, Sandy “wreaked havoc on trees, communities and political talking points,” Stewart said, marveling at the fact that removing politics from a situation drastically improves results. Stewart’s favorite public response, though, came from New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who he said “kicked crazy ass during the storm.”

Christie, of course, is an outspoken Mitt Romney supporter, who has said before that President Obama is fumbling around in the dark, looking for the “light-switch of leadership.” During Sandy, though, Christie was not short of praise for the president’s leadership and partnership in responding to the storm.

“Yeah, I guess he found that fucking light switch, huh?” Stewart said.

Watch the video:

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