Jon Stewart Blasts Chris Christie’s Pot Hypocrisy

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposal to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana is dead in the state senate. But the New Jersey Assembly this week passed a bill easing pot punishments. And Gov. Chris Chrisite has vowed to veto it if it becomes law.

“Know what this means, people?” Jon Stewart said on Wednesday. “We’re a gov. swap away from making the Garden State the holy-shit-look-at-that-garden state.”Christie said recently that New Jersey shouldn’t supersede federal law to decriminalize marijuana. But he felt different when the issue was sports gambling.

“What the fuck? How did governor guys-stop-smoking-pot-it’s-against-the-law just go Dirty Harry on ignoring the federal ban on sports gambling?” Stewart said.

Christie argues that sports gambling happens every week in New Jersey, and everyone knows it.

“Let’s replace the word ‘gambling’ with the phrase ‘getting high,'” Stewart said.

Watch the video:

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Of Vice and Men – New York Weed Bill Dies & Chris Christie’s Veto Threat
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