Jon Stewart Calls Truce After Deep-Dish Pizza Fight With Rahm

In the end, Jon Stewart apologized on Wednesday for slandering Chicago-style deep dish pizza as nothing more than a “casserole” and said was “very tasty.”

“I may have implied that deep dish pizza tastes like a string cheese that’s been baked for two hours inside Mike Ditka’s ass,” Stewart said.

“We accept Jon’s truce and will continue to stand up for our city against any sort of uncalled-for insult, culinary or otherwise,” Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s (D) communications director, Sarah Hamilton, told TPM on Thursday.

It was a response to a previous Daily Show segment Stewart said that Chicago’s deep dish style pizza is really more like a casserole than a pizza.

“I don’t know whether to eat it or throw a coin in and make a wish,” Stewart said during the segment.

Emanuel then sent the Daily Show offices Chicago-style pizza with anchovies, (a reference to a story about Emanuel sending a rival a dead fish, Godfather-style) with a note tagged “Jon, Deep Dish with Dead Fish. Love, Rahm.” The Daily Show staff hit back with a Vine of a dog sniffing some deep dish pizza then walking way.

During the most recent Daily Show on Wednesday, Stewart highlighted some angry responses he got from viewers about the pizza argument.

“Apparently Chicago has television,” Stewart said before showing a tweet from a Chicago-style pizza fan saying “fuck you.”

Stewart then brought out guest Marc Malnati, owner of the Chicago pizzeria Lou Malanti’s to try some of his restaurant’s deep dish pizza.

“It’s very very tasty and I apologize. Truce,” Stewart said to Malnati while shaking the pizza maker’s hand.

But Stewart didn’t end the segment without throwing a punch at some kinds of pizza.

“At least let’s face facts, we’re not California pizza,” Stewart said. “And I say this with all due respect to Californians, that is vile as shit.”

Watch the latest Daily Show segment below: