John Bolton On 2012: ‘I’m Not Like The Duck’

Yonhap News/Newscom

Former U.N. Ambassador John Bolton says that he’s still “considering” whether to run for President in 2012, but when it comes to the decision, he’s still just talking to people and not taking any major steps for a run: “I’m not like the duck, placid on the top of the water and paddling furiously underneath. I’m really looking at it. It’s a hard decision for me.”Bolton told Warner Todd Huston of Publius Forum: “When I say ‘considering’, I mean ‘considering.'”

“I don’t feel under enormous pressure to make a decision one way or the other,” he said. “We’ve got plenty of time. The field is wide-open. It’s very fluid.”

Here’s the video. The comments on 2012 come at the 3:34 mark:

Via The Hill.