Insults Fly Ahead Of Minnesota Election Trial

One thing is clear going into today’s election trial in Minnesota: The Franken and Coleman camps really don’t like each other.

Yesterday, the Coleman team posted a YouTube promoting their new push to have the rejected absentee ballots reviewed yet another time — their current goal is to have 4,500-5,000 more added into the count, which they insist are not cherry-picked — and declaring Coleman is the champion of counting every vote, against Al Franken’s disregard for the people’s will.

On a conference call with reporters just now, lead Franken attorney Marc Elias ripped the Coleman team for saying they want to count every vote, after spending most of this recount litigating to stop absentee-vote reviews, and still basing their election lawsuit largely upon throwing out votes for Al Franken. Said Elias: “So don’t believe them when they say they want every vote counted, because that isn’t what most of their case is about, and it’s not what this case is gonna boil down to.”

As an extra sign of his contempt for the Coleman team, Elias referred to them as “charter members of the flat-earth club” for questioning the legitimacy of Franken votes during the recount. At today’s trial, the tone isn’t likely to improve more than the minimum necessary for the courtroom.

The Coleman vid is available after the jump.