Increasing Troop Levels In Afghanistan: Yet Another Sign Obama Is Not A Socialist


If you needed any more evidence, tonight’s decision on Afghanistan may prove once and for all that President Obama is no Socialist. Following Obama’s war speech this evening, a quick perusal of American Socialist sites proved that the political movement Obama is so often falsely associated with wants nothing to do with his plans for Afghanistan.At the Party for Socialism And Liberation they’re planning a march on Washington on March 20 to “demand the immediate and unconditional withdrawal of all U.S. and NATO forces from Afghanistan and Iraq.”

At the Socialist Party USA, they’re offering party members tips on how “protest any increase or continuation of the war and occupation of Afghanistan.” One example of how they suggest Socialists should “show unity of purpose” tomorrow: “make an appointment that day with at least one group that you’re not already a member of — a church, union, civic group, etc. — and speak with them about the war.”

In the pages of The Militant, the weekly newspaper of the Socialist movement, reports compare Obama’s Afghanistan plan to the surge in Iraq, which the paper reports “is seen by more and more as a success for the ruling class.” (For those unfamiliar with Socialism: “success for the ruling class” = bad news.)