In Hot House Race Republican Candidate Pledges To ‘De-fund’ Health Care Reform

Republican State Sen. Robert Hurt, running against freshman Democratic Rep. Tom Perriello in one of the House races that Republicans must win if they want to recapture the House, has pledged to “de-fund” the health care reform law that his rival backed.

Hurt (R-VA) joined onto the pledge to say he would vote to withhold budget funding for the new law if he wins the election this fall. DeFundIt claims 135 candidates have signed the pledge, and specifically boasted in a release that Senate candidate Sharron Angle (R-NV) also supports the “de-fund” pledge.The group’s chairman Alex Cortes said in a statement that pulling funding is “the first necessary step to fully repealing and replacing this unconstitutional, job-killing, fiscal train wreck.”

Of course, the Democrats will attempt to exploit pledges like this one for their own gain. Already the majority party is telling voters the GOP wants to take away from senior citizens the Medicare prescription drug rebate checks that closed the “donut hole.” The Democrats say Republicans who would repeal health care reform want insurance companies to discriminate against people with preexisting conditions.