Hoyer: No Truth To Rumor That House Will Adjourn Before Addressing Bush Tax Cuts

House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer swatted down a rumor this morning that antsy members of Congress will flee Washington on Friday, perhaps without addressing important issues like tax cuts and small business legislation.

At his weekly press availability, TPM asked Hoyer whether the House might adjourn this week, before the debate over the Bush tax cuts is resolved.

“I don’t know where that report came from and the answer is no,” Hoyer said.Pressed, Hoyer insisted that the House will indeed be in session next week, while the House considers, and possibly even votes on, key legislation to incentivize small business hiring and to make sure the federal government has the funds it needs to keep running (known formally as a continuing resolution).

“We’re going to be in session next week,” Hoyer said.

“There’s nobody here that doubts that our members — Republicans and Democrats would like to be in their districts talking to their constituents. After all, they have to ask them to be rehired [but] we’re going to be in next week.”

An anonymous House leadership aide affirmed Hoyer’s position.