Harkin And Baucus: Health Care Reform Isn’t Dead Yet!

Senators Tom Harkin (D-NH) and Max Baucus (D-MT) said today that the Democrats are not going to give up on health care reform.Following a meeting of top Democrats in the Senate, Harkin and Baucus maintained that there’s still life in the push for health care reform yet.

According to Politico, Baucus said the meeting “reinforced momentum, reinforced commitment,” and that despite rumors, “we’re not going to put it down.”

“I’m not saying it’s going to be done tomorrow,” he said. “But I’m also saying it’s going to be done before spring, summer. We’re moving expeditiously. And expeditiously means quickly, solidly, thoughtfully.”

Harkin echoed Baucus: “I think some things may happen before we leave here in the next weeks. That we’ll see some movement, that we’ll see some things start to gel on how we’re going forward.”