Haley Barbour Heading To Israel This Weekend

Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour will head to Israel this Saturday, making him the third potential GOP presidential candidate to visit the country in recent weeks.The Republican Jewish Coalition announced this week that it would host Barbour from February 5-9, JTA.org reports. The coalition also hosted him in 1994, when he was RNC Chair.

In a statement, the RJC said:

The Middle East faces many challenges, from the instability in Lebanon and Egypt and the threat of a nuclear Iran to the continuing danger posed by Hamas in Gaza. As Iran and its proxies attempt to expand their reach in the region, it is vitally important that American and Israeli officials build and nurture a strong partnership in the fight against terrorism.

Mitt Romney visited Israel back in January. And Mike Huckabee was there this week, and suggested that Palestinians should be re-settled in “Muslim” territory.