GOPer’s Web Ad Depicts ‘Monstrous’ (Truck) Challenge Of His Campaign (VIDEO)

Joel Demos, the Republican candidate running against Democratic Rep. Keith Ellison in a very safe Dem district in Minnesota, has a truly great Web video as part of his fundraising effort.

Demos’s video provides a metaphor for just how difficult his campaign is: By showing the candidate attempting to drag a monster truck across a finish line — and receiving help from supporters to get it across. “Joel Demos is running against Keith Ellison in Minneapolis. You could say that’s a big challenge,” the announcer says. “In fact, it’s monstrous.”

The district voted for Barack Obama by a 74%-24% margin in 2008, and before that it voted for John Kerry by 71%-28% in 2004. The latest FEC filings, covering the dates up to July 21, show Ellison with $209,464 on hand, compared to only $1,289 for Demos.

It’s safe to say that Demos doesn’t stand much of a chance in November. But nevertheless, monster trucks are awesome.

(Via Minnesota Democrats Exposed.)