GOP Sen. Burr: ‘It Is Impossible For any Candidate To Get To The Right Of Me’

ZUMA Press/Newscom

Sen. Richard Burr (R-NC), the single most vulnerable incumbent Republican Senator this year, has a message going into the campaign in his swing state: It’s impossible for anybody to get to his right.

Burr is facing a primary challenge from two Republican candidates, Asheboro Councilman Eddie Burks and businessman Brad Jones. Burr is heavily favored to win his primary, and he told the Raleigh News & Observer that he’s not too worried about it. “The fact is it is impossible for any candidate to get to the right of me from an ideological standpoint of my record,” said Burr. “That is where anybody would have to attempt to make any progress in a Republican primary.”

This is an interesting comment from a Senator in a swing state that narrowly voted for Barack Obama in 2008. As we’ve noted before, Burr’s poll numbers show that he is neither popular nor unpopular, but that many voters still don’t have an impression of him after the last five years of his service. Don’t be surprised if the Democrats use this quote a lot, in order to introduce him to moderate voters.