Franken E-mail: I Ask For Your Support — And By ‘Support’ I Mean ‘Money’

Sen. Al Franken (D-MN) could be beginning to let his sense of humor show itself again, after a mostly low-key tenure so far in public office. A new fundraising e-mail from the Minnesota senator displays a certain self-awareness on the part of the comedian-turned-politician about the absurdities that usually show up in these sorts of things.

The e-mail seeks to parlay Franken’s opposition to the NBC-Comcast merger into some campaign contributions. “And as much as I don’t trust Comcast and NBC to be honest brokers on this deal, I am trusting you to help me build support for my positions on issues like this one,” Franken writes. “And as usual, by ‘support’ I mean ‘money.'”

The e-mail also includes a graphic with the corporate logos “Comcast + NBC,” contained inside a “no” symbol of a circle with a line through it. The caption declares: “Support The Vocal Opposition (ME)!” Check it out after the jump.

(Via the Star-Tribune.)

Dear _________,

You might have seen in the news, on Twitter, or on Facebook recently that I’m opposing the NBC/Comcast merger in its current form. I wanted to write you today to explain why, and to ask for your help.

I have some experience in this industry, and I flat-out don’t trust Comcast and NBC to operate in the best interest of consumers in Minnesota and around the country when it comes to this merger. Combining a company who provides programming and one who provides the pipes that carry said programming would almost certainly be a raw deal for consumers and independent content producers alike.

Click here to represent your opposition to this merger by supporting the vocal opposition (me) with a small, secure grassroots donation today!

I came to Washington to stand up to the lopsided influence of special interests on behalf of middle class Minnesota families, and opposing this merger is an opportunity to do just that. And as much as I don’t trust Comcast and NBC to be honest brokers on this deal, I am trusting you to help me build support for my positions on issues like this one. And as usual, by ‘support’ I mean ‘money.’

Online grassroots donations fuel our operation, and I need your help to keep it going strong — click here to contribute, please.

I’m not afraid of standing up to these guys — as I said it’s why I ran for the Senate. But I also realize that given the recent Citizens United decision in the U.S. Supreme Court, corporations can now turn around and spend millions running ads telling voters I want to blow up their T.V. — a patently untrue claim that they’ve got no research to support, by the way. But I don’t need them on my side. I want you on my side.

If you’re on my side on this one, please click here to help us build a massive grassroots machine to get our message out.

Fights like this one are more than worth having, they’re essential to keeping our democracy representative of people instead of corporate entities. I realize that with a lot of my positions, I’m inviting special interest groups to spend a lot of money to defeat me down the road. As long as I have you standing with me, that’s ok by me — because corporations getting their way isn’t some bad medicine consumers need to swallow — we can stand, fight, and win.

Thanks for your time today, for all you’ve done, and all you’ll do.


P.S. If you think what we’re doing in the Senate – taking on Halliburton and NBC/Comcast — is a worthwhile endeavor, please consider joining our sustainer program today — click here for more information. And, thanks again!